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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tm100 Key Porgrammer 2015-10-23 V3.16 Updated

  • Tm100 Key Porgrammer 2015-10-23 V3.16 Updated
  • 1. ID46 transponder autodetect:
  • I. Add TPReader:46 chip type reading;
  • II. Add TPReader:GM and GM SMART KEY reading;
  • 2. ID4D and ID4E transponder autodetect:
  • I. Add TPReader:67 and 68 reading,calculate password;
  • II. Add TPReader:69、6A、6B、B9 reading,calculate password;
  • III. Add TPReader:60、61、62、63、64、65、66 reading,car model reading;
  • IV. Add TPReader:70、71、72、82、83 reading, car model reading;
  • V. Add TPReader:BMW key reading, detail information reading(VIN, Mech.code, etc);
  • 3. ID48 transponder autodetect:
  • I. Add TPReader:Megamos 48 reading,type reading and car model reading;
  • 4. ID8C transponder autodetect:
  • I. Add TPReader:8C reading,add Mazda car model reading;
  • 5. ID8A and H transponder autodetect:
  • I. Add TPReader:ID8A and H chip reading;
  • 6.Software UI(user interface) upgrade
  • I.Add operation instruction and attention items for some cars;
  • II.Add "immo box location map" and "wiring diagram" on main menu, (download the relative CHM from installation items );
  • Notes:
  • This version includes firmware 1 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating.

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